5 Essential Things You Should Know About Chinese Herbs

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Traditional Chinese Medicine has been helping people to improve their health, reduce short-term as well as chronic illness and boost immunity for thousands of years. However, people outside China know less about Chinese herbs in comparison with acupuncture in alternative medicines. Chinese herbal drugs are used for several purposes due to their tremendous healing power. Here are five basic things about Chinese herbal remedies that you should know:


1. Treat an extensive array of health conditions

TCM has been used to treat acute and chronic health issues for years. Some health conditions that these natural remedies can alleviate are allergies, anxiety, breathing disorders, depression, digestive problems, fertility, headaches, hormonal disturbances, insomnia, pain, common colds, PMS & menstrual issues, and skin rashes.


2. Treat multiple health problems at a time

Like acupuncture, TCM, which uses natural herbs and allied things, focuses on root causes, visible symptoms, and underlying imbalances together. Consequently, one formula of Chinese herbal medicine can deal with what might appear as a group of emotional, mental, and physical signs. Besides, TCM has hundreds of patented formulas, and a herbalist can formulate a specific one by adding, modifying and removing herbs or dosages as per your treatment needs.


3. Formulas are more effective that parts

In TCM, the expert focuses on the formulation of medicines instead of using a single herb. In the formulation, the herbalist mix herbs that balance and strengthen each other’s effects to have more holistic outcomes.


4. Available in a variety of forms

Chinese herbs come in an extensive array of forms, like capsules, granules, liquid tinctures, and powder, apart from the raw one. The raw form can be used in tea preparation to get relief from common cough and cold. Particularly prepared formulas can be used as a rinse for skin problems or plaster to facilitate to heal injuries. Getting in touch with a herbalist would be beneficial for you if you want to get the desired results.


5. More than 2000 years old

Before the introduction of Western medicines in China, Chinese herbal medicine had been the primary medical therapy across the country for more than two thousand years. As per the written record, the use of TCM started around 150 BC. Earlier Chinese records describe diseases but not treatment, apart from a 16th-century source, which places the use of Chinese herbal medicine 1100 BC.



Traditional Chinese Medicine that primarily uses natural herbs has clear branches as Western Medical Therapy (Allopath/English medicines). Like English medicines, you should avoid self-medication if you decide to get rid of your health problem by using a Chinese medicine or herb. Specialists interact closely with you before advising a particular formula or herbs to help you alleviate your problem and boost your immunity, promoting healthy life.


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