Essential Chinese Herbs for Better Female Health

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Ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) include minerals, herbs, animal tissues, and other natural products. Chinese herbs have a more significant role in TCM and work as remedies for people who look for alternatives to cure their health issues naturally. Several studies have proven that these herbs have several properties to facilitate an extensive array of critical body functions and help humans to recover from a particular illness without any side effects.


As a female, you need to take the utmost care of your health. Here are some of the best Chinese herbal remedies that can help you facilitate your health:

Xian Mao (Curculigo)

This herb is very beneficial for your bone health. By preventing calcium loss in your body, it helps you stay active and independent if you are aging or you are old. Apart from facilitating your bone health, the useful features of this Chinese remedy improve the functions of your liver and kidneys and help you get rid of your stomach pain.


Dong Quai (Chinese angelica root)

It is a tonic for you if you want to maintain a balance in your hormone levels. By consuming this herb in the right proportion, you can easily face the issues you usually have during menopause, PMS, mood swings, and anxiety. You can consume this remedy if you have a weak immune system or infertility. Moreover, this Chinese herb is useful to control blood flow and strengthen the functions of the liver, heart, lungs, kidneys, and spleen.



It is a powerful and effective herb for you if you want to slow down your aging and maintain the overall health of your heart. Its antioxidant elements help you stay younger by maintaining your overall health. Traditionally recommended for fertility enhancement, this herb is beneficial for your sexual health and might help you minimize the issues, like mood swings and stress that occur to you due to the advent of menopause. Also, it is effective in maintaining blood sugar levels and brain function.


Zhang Hong Hua (Saffron)

In the direction of a herbalist, you can take this Chinese remedy if you have body discomfort or back pains. By addressing joint and muscle pains, this herb helps you maintain a good body posture. It helps you have a glowing and youthful look after improving your blood circulation. Taking tea made using this herb can facilitate you maintain your blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels. This herb is useful in managing skin issues, stress, and body heat and strengthening bone health.


Nu Zhen Zi (Privet fruit)

This Chinese herbal remedy is very useful for your hair health. By consuming it properly, you can stop your hair from being grey and keep it lustrous. Besides hair health, it is effective in promoting the functions of your kidneys and liver and improving your eye health. It might help enhance your overall immunity.


Apart from the above, you can think about other Chinese herbal remedies like Yi Mu Cao, Gingko, Long Yang Rou, Bai He, and Huai Shan. Consulting a specialist of TCM before taking any herbs will be beneficial for you, as they will guide you on how and when you should take a particular herb to deal with a specific health condition.

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