How to Protect and Heal Your Dog from Tendon Trauma?

Dogs are considered to be our best friend, someone who stays loyal as well. These days, it is hard to find a friend like that. You can understand them when they feel blue and vice versa. They will come to you wagging their tail with innocence in their eyes. We must protect your pet dogs from everything. The time may come when the dogs cannot enthusiastically move, the reason is not always their bad mood, it can also be tendon trauma or any other thing.

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What is Dog Tendon?

Muscles in dogs are attached to the bones with the connective tissue called a tendon. The fibres contain tenocytes and collagen which are rod-like cells.


Tendon Trauma

It is the rupture and tear of the tendon which results in lameness and severe pains. There are many signs they show when dogs start to have tendon trauma, they refuse to do regular activities and the pain makes them uneasy.


Types of Tendon Trauma

1. Injuries related to Achilles- it includes physical injuries and happens due to old age.


2. Bicipital tenosynovitis– happens in the biceps, it mostly occurs to the larger dogs.

How to Protect Them from Tendon Trauma?

· Regular a check-up is important for every dog whether they are healthy or not. If it is not the tendon trauma, the problem could be anything. It helps dogs to remain healthy. The vet will help figure out the little things as well.


· Proper dog food helps in maintaining the health of a dog. The nutrients will help a puppy to grow into a stronger dog. It is not just important for a puppy but also for a full-grown dog as well.

· Look out for the obesity level- Tendon fibres will rupture when your dog can not stand easily. Their obesity levels should be monitored. If they are consuming calories, make them burn as well.


· Take them for a walk daily, it will make them happy as well as some exercise will help them keep healthy and moving.

· Proper vaccinations– Your dog should be properly vaccinated.

Tendon Healing

There are various ways to heal Tendon before it transforms into something big that results in surgery. Some of the effective ways are given below-


· Herbal treatment- It is the natural treatment that involves healing with the herbs. There are many unknown diseases that a dog might have, the herbal treatment tries to heal without any side effects. Some of the major herbal ingredients are Aloe Vera, chamomile and black walnut, etc. They are kind to dogs and their healing process does not get complicated. It carries immunity as well.

· Home Remedies- Sometimes, it takes time to take your dog to the vet. So, try to apply home remedies such as


1. Baths- Use the Epson salt and make your dog take a bath even they do not like them. Use the herb like turmeric on the injured area while soaking.

2. Massage your dog- Use liniment herbal oil to massage your dog for 10-15 minutes and 4-5 times a week for the better recovery of your dogs. It helps you track the wounds and the blood circulation increases too.


· Give your dog herbal supplement powders- Herbal supplements for dogs help in increasing the growth of your dog, bone care, tendon care, and joint care. They will help your dog in every way.

You should not ignore the symptoms in your dog whether they are the symptoms of even a small disease. They deserve happy lives as well.

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