The Most Renowned Chinese Herbal Remedies

Health is the most important thing in our lives. People often think to live long only when they are healthy for easy survival. The best way to keep yourself healthy is by eating healthy and even if you fall ill, prefer to have organic medicines rather than any other form of medicine.

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When looking out for traditional medicines, always remember Chinese herbal remedies are a great relief to a lot of illnesses from a few diseases.

The most renowned Chinese herbal remedies are as follows-

• Acupuncture

The must-know form of medication is acupuncture, it works like inserting the needles on the subcutaneous tissue on the superficial skin as per the different points of acupuncture on the skin. This is a very effective form of treatment that gives instant relief, but the one who knows about it can only perform it.


A human body has around 2000 points of acupuncture, that are connected to 12 meridian points and helps in maintaining the health and mind of the people.

• Moxibustion

This therapy is given after burning the moxa (kind of herb). The smoke will produce a pungent smell similar to that of cannabis. This medication helps in maintaining the ‘Qi’ of the body and also helps in keeping the kidney healthy.


This therapy was also used to give relief from menstrual pain in the old times.

• Tui-Na Massage

This is a combination of acupuncture, massage, and other things. This massage is done while the person is sitting on the chair and the practitioner will start the session by asking a few questions. It is used to get relief on the major pain in your body and hence improve your musculoskeletal conditions.


• Cupping

This technique works when several glass or plastic cups are placed on the human body. Then these cups are heated up using any flammable substance. Then, the practitioner changes the placement of the cups to the other side against the skin. Then the air will be removed and the cups will stick to the skin. The back and stomach are preferred to do this treatment.


• Chinese Herbs

The practitioners use different leaves, roots, stems, seeds of plants, and other things to treat the human body. The basic Chinese herbology includes the combination of these herbs only and the best treatment can be derived from it.


Chinese herbal remedies are very effective to heal the pain, but the process is time-taking and requires patience when it comes to treating it from roots. Thus, it is suggested to lean on traditional remedies as they are free from side effects and also can help in living a longer and better life. 

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